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The process begins with a request for an invitation.


At your consultation you will be presented with a selection of the finest cloths that meet the requirements you would have outlined in your telephone conversation. 


Style and details will be discussed and finalised. Lastly your measurements will be taken and a deposit traditionally half of your commission will be requested, with the remaining half due upon completion and 100% client satisfaction.​


You will then receive a brief call to explain a little more about what we offer and to get a clearer understanding of your needs.

Once satisfied that Seraph Mundus® can provide a service that meets your requirements, you will be booked in for a consultation either on Savile Row or at one of our partner hotels or private members clubs, whichever is most convenient for you. A small deposit will be taken to secure your consultation.* ​


A master pattern is then drawn up by hand and a baste fitting put together, this crucial element assists in refining the fit and overall balance of your garment.​


An electronic invitation and elegant physical invitation will be sent confirming details of your consultation.​


You will then have 3-4 fitting sessions, after each, adjustments will be noted and marked on the cloth and your master pattern, the bespoke garment will be ripped down and remade, each iteration bringing us closer to your perfect garment.​**

*This initial deposit will be deducted from the price of the commission once an order is placed, or in the unlikely event that Seraph Mundus® is unable to service any of your needs, the deposit will be fully or partially refunded. A consultation deposit is not required for returning clients.

**Prices start from £3,750.00.

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