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An independent bespoke suit maker, Seraph Mundus® which is derived from Hebrew and Latin and translates in essence “Burning One’s Universe”, began with a simple question; What will we be wearing 100 years from now? And how could one materialise that vision into an ecosystem that those who burn for craftsmanship, precision and luxury can enjoy today.

I had strong belief that contrary to popular opinion, humans have not exhausted all invention and creativity in the realm of formal clothing. But therein lay a potential catalyst to bridge an imagined future.
First and foremost clothing had to fit. It was largely unsettling that many persons, myself included, were still living out of harmony with their clothes, made off the peg for a generic individual. It was further saddening that we consistently replaced our skin with something that could not possibly marry with it, creating tension and discomfort so ubiquitous that we have accepted it as “normal”.
So leaving the corporate world in 2015 I embarked on a journey to learn how to make beautifully, fully bespoke garments that ran in harmony with the wearer, eliminating tension so much so that the wearer barely feels the garments presence. This journey took me to none other than the world renowned Savile Row where I trained in pattern drafting, fitting and making to the highest ...

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